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In case you didn’t notice this website isĀ and always will be a work in progress

Welcome to RainbowGuide.org this website is an unofficial website for the Rainbow Family to provide information about rainbow hipstory and a resource guide for rainbow family. We hope to provide useful information that everyone can use.

We wanted to give rainbow family who don’t like using “Corporate Infrastructure” such as facebook and twitter and option to use a small grassroots website built by rainbow family.

We are looking for content to add to the website but first we need you to get all your friends to register on the website. We have programmed in the ability to choose what information that you want to make public as well as much more. We would like to keep this information up to date and serve as our data repository for the rainbow guide and rainbow gatherings.

If you would like to suggest an edit or add content to this website please submit it to one of the members of the Rainbow Guide Focalizer group on facebook. Otherwise, you can Suggest Content

by John Anderson