What to bring to a rainbow gathering

This was published in the 1991 Rainbow Anthology Page 18 But says that this is as printed Octo. 1990 HT

What to Bring to a Gathering
by Allegra
A Rainhow Gathering, represents different things to different people. What You get will depend on what you put in. There are certain universals everyone should be tuned in on before attending. Most Important:
think communally, act cooperatively. All else will follow. The entire gathering depends on your participation and suppot.
Self responsibility is essential.
Basically, going to a Gathering is going camping Rainbow Style of course.
Camping gear is needed: Tent, sleeping bag, rain gear,flashlight, etc .. and most importantly don’t forget to bring repellant;
There are a variety of environmentally safe (non-aerosol repellants available that don’t contain any toxic chemicals. Green ban is one of the best.
The Rainbows practice the art of environmental living. There are places for garbage, places to relieve yourself, and places not to wash mainly in or near streams, lakes, or springs. Remember, even biodegradable soaps can kill fish and other livings things. You’re entering a natural environment. Let it remain that way.
Make sure you also bring a bowl, spoon, and water jug or cantenn, all of which you will want to carry at all times. Because there is so much experience, you never know where you might end up when your stomach decides its feeding time. Rainbow kitchens are open for all to eat at, but they don’t provide bowls or utensils, which can be a problem if they’re serving veggie stew and you left your bowl at a campsite a mile away.
Every Gathering has a Trading Circle a sort of Rainbow market, based on the barter system. No “green energy” allowed. So if you want bring stuff to trade. The only case in which money is accepted is through the Magic Hat, which can be found at the Main Circle at dinner time. Give what you can. Don’t be cheap. Give at least $20. Give more if you can. Everything at the Gathering is provided freely but money for food has to come from somewhere. Just remember to think Rainbow. Be open minded towards those around you and be conscious of your environment. Leave your preconceptions, prejudices, and power trips at the front gate with your vehicle.
There is always a designated parking area staffed by voluneeers. Use it and be patient. There is no way you won’t get in. Parking on the roads along the site just causes disorganization and trouble with the local authorities.
Once you get to the main site, find an area you like and set up your tent, preferably near a kitchen and not a latrine. Meet your neighbors. Dig a communal fire pit. Be kind to Mother Earth. Although during your stay you’ll probably explore many places to eat, it’s wise to attach yourself to a particular kitchen, one you can help out with. This doesn’t mean chopping 100 pounds of veggies or serving the hungry Rainbowers although you can if you want. It can be as simple as gathering wood or carrying water. Little things mean a lot, and that’s how it all gets done. Bringing food and water to contribute to the Gathering is also encouraged.
Whatever your talents may be, the Rainbow Gatherings want you to express yourself. If you’re a musician, bring your instrument. If you’re a poet, bring your poems. If you like to build things, there always something in need of fixing. If you’re an artist, great, the more Rainbows shining around the better.

October 1st, 2016 by John Anderson