Bliss Kitchen

Bliss had its start at the Katuah blueberry regional gathering in 1992, and it appeared at annual gatherings until 2002. It started out as the Bliss Hydration Station, and after it became a full-functioning kitchen it continued to place its emphasis on providing safe drinking water. It was the first to use Katadyn filters that were connected inline to water pipes coming from the springs above (hand pump units placed in 5-gallon buckets had been in use since the 1990 Minnesota annual).

Its two main sources of energy were a brother named Gary and his wife Dragonfly. During the heyday of the Usenet newsgroup alt.gathering.rainbow in the late 1990s, they hosted a.g.r. meetings where posters to the group could meet each other and see faces and hear voices to go with the names they saw on the computer.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson