Chico’s Kitchen

Chico started his first kitchen at the 1993 Kentucky annual gathering and he returned to annuals until at least the one in Pennsylvania in 1999. He was slightly Mexican looking with a thin mustache and hippie-length black hair, but he talked in a white sounding southern accent, and in later years he hung up a large Confederate flag. He didn’t travel with any crew, but he recruited help from people who came in from the trail. His first year he expressed a lot of frustration at this, which turned off many potential workers and made his problems worse, but over the years his personality mellowed out and he became much more successful. He was a cook who would accept any donation that came in and figure out a way to serve it, and this could include meat and store-bought pastries. He was also willing to serve food off the grill as soon as it was ready, without any circles or Oms preceding it.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson