Doughnut Kitchen

Doughnut Man had a kitchen that only served doughnuts with whatever people brought to stuff inside, and he fried them up in a little pot of oil over a fire. He appeared at the 1990 Minnesota, 1991 Vermont, and 1992 Colorado annual gatherings.

He tended to set up off the beaten path (as it were) so as to not get totally slammed with people on the zu-zu hunt. In Vermont he was not in the main area but up another trail along the creek that ran thru the gathering. In Colorado it was a huge hike to the top of an old volcano to get there. When you got there, all there were to sit on were huge jagged rocks. You perched on the rocks like sea gulls and he tossed donuts at you. He didn’t serve you with forks or spoons; he threw donuts at you to catch.


September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson