Dreem Kitchen

At the 2011 Washington annual gathering only, focalized by two twenty-something women from Santa Cruz that I met a few days before the gathering in Berkeley.

I came across their Facebook event because they coincidentally used a photo of my banner from New Mexico, and I called their number because I was suspicious because they sounded too good to be true to be a rainbow kitchen, and I wanted to find out who was using a picture of my banner. It turned out at the gathering they had an awesome permaculture class-inspired cob pizza oven that my five year old son Dylan helped build. They served French press coffee. There were amazing amounts of friendliness and cohesiveness, enthusiastic young workers, and amazing abundance, like free socks and stuff. Lots of hand holding circles, singing, “kumbaya”, and shouting, “we love you!” Inclusive and playful with an amazing lack of negativity. I was hoping to help it continue on to Tennessee but couldn’t.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson