Faerie Camp

The first word in this name is sometimes spelled “Fairy” or “Faery”. (Many in this camp are associated with the Radical Faerie movement.) It is a camp mainly for homosexuals who are out and proud. Usually more of the residents are gay than lesbian, and there are straight people who hang out there because they like the gay vibrations. Many queer folk who maintain their own camps elsewhere in the gathering still come to participate in the activities.

Some version of this camp has been at gatherings since the 1980s. In recent years they have found a home in the dirty kid section of the gathering. It has changed more than any other camp in the last ten years because there have been very few old timers there for that long or longer.

Almost every year they put on some kind of parade around Dinner Circle where they show off some outrageous fashion statements. They have invited the entire gathering community to events such as the Prom at the 2003 Utah annual gathering, where several people showed up in real formal prom dresses, and many of those wearing them were brothers. It is a tradition that on the evening of July 3rd, Fairy Camp does a parade to Granola Funk bearing the Disco Ball, a ball covered in mirrors, and presents it to Granola Funk. This marks the beginning of a pirate war between Granola Funk and Fairy Camp over the ball, similar to the “flag game” played by some younger kitchens.


September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson