Fat Kids Kitchen

The Fat Kids are kids, meaning gatherers whose ages are in the teens, 20s, or low 30s (not the kids that Kid Village is devoted to), and they “believe that everyone should ‘live fat’ and enjoy life to the fullest”. When they are not at a gathering, they travel around together in two school busses, named “Big Mama” and “Tiny”. The busses also serve as sleeping quarters. In between gatherings (both annual and regional) they serve food “to communities in need and in areas of crisis”, as they say on their website.

In their earlier years they were known for acts of rebellion against the gathering establishment. At the 2008 annual in Wyoming they repeatedly dismantled and hid a set of pagan poles marking the compass directions that was set up in the main meadow by the Dinner Circle focalizers. Finally there was a council where it was agreed that they would only be set up before the meal and taken in immediately after. They also allowed Death Camp to set up nearby and gave them some support. To this day they celebrate the “official” opening of the gathering on July 1st by gathering in the main meadow at sunrise and having a “Triangle” ceremony where they bring and serve coffee and donuts. Instead of standing in a circle, they stand in a triangle, and instead of saying “Om”, they say “Yum”. Shouts of “triangle” are heard repeatedly in the meadow, and the coffee and donuts are taken to the main meadow by a loud and boisterous parade originating at the kitchen.

But since their first gathering in 2006, they have consistently been among the first kitchens to bring food to Dinner Circle, and just as consistently stayed until the end of cleanup and done a major part of the trash hauling. They have played an increasing part in the gathering’s infrastructure. At the 2012 annual gathering in Tennessee, they (with help from Montana Mud and Nic@Nite) took part in laying the water lines, put up the tarps for Info and provided a map, started the banking council and the Magic Hat, set up Main Supply and did most of the supply runs, and had a Dinner Circle on the 21st of June – filling a vacuum created when most of the older people who had usually been the initiators of these things showed up at the gathering much later than usual. They continued to handle most of Main Supply in Montana in 2013 and Utah in 2014.

Several of them respond to an interview inside their bus in a video.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson