Green Path

Green Path was formed at the 2006 Colorado gathering, and they continue to return to every annual. Their focus is learning and sharing earth-based living skills, and at gatherings they prepare several spaces for classes and workshops, some of them under tarps, and give them fanciful names like Grasshopper, Firefly, and Lady Bug. They cover a few plywood panels with white paper, and draw a calendar on it with felt tip pen, with boxes for days and hours of events. Some of the subjects of study have been:

Permaculture principles,
Kundalini yoga,
Native awareness games,
Deep ecology,
Science of pheromones,
Bowl burning.
Songshare with Shanta and Lady Bird
Sacred cosmic cacao ceremony
What is enlightenment?

They also set up a kitchen that serves vegetarian food.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson