Hummingbird Cowboy’s Café

Hummingbird Cowboy was a tall skinny man who dressed most of the time in cowboy garb: jeans, vest, and cowboy hat. He had an expressive and sometimes funny manner of speaking in a movie western accent with lots of expressions from his days in the Army and from being a road dog. Most of the years he came to gatherings he spent most of his days walking around carrying a walkie-talkie radio responding to Shanti Sena calls, but at the 1996 Missouri gathering he set up a small kitchen not far from Trading Circle, where he and a brother named Boyscout turned out what they called “the best zu zu’s and wam wams this side of the stream, always served late night and always”. The kitchen continued the following year in Oregon, where Chico helped him out.

He had a temper that most of the time he could control into an effective Shanti Sena style, but one day after the Oregon gathering was over he let it get the worst of him when a wife he had wed at the 1996 gathering told him she wanted to leave. He was convicted of aggravated assault and had to go to prison.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson