Instant Soup Kitchen

Instant Soup Kitchen was started in 1996 by two brothers named Rich in Spirit and Summer. Before then they used to bring ramen and hang out at Tea-Time to get whatever tea flavor was happening to add to their ramen. At the 1995 New Mexico annual, they were sitting on a hill that led to a shitter above one of the kitchens and joked about having a “half way to the shitter” cafĂ©. Summer, who owned a health-food store in Key West suggested that he could start a vegetarian kitchen, so he offered to supply some organic vegetarian powdered instant soup if Rich came early and build a kitchen. Next year in Missouri they did, and they stuck to that deal for many years and Rich in Spirit continued after Summer could no longer attend gatherings.

They have no bliss rails or fences, and welcome anyone to come inside the kitchen and help out. They also have no serving counter, instead they from the fireplace that they cook on. From there, they are encouraged to hang out at the bliss fire nearby. They are renowned as a music kitchen, and have many jam sessions. (One of them can be seen in this video.) Every 3rd of July they have a variety show.

When they are out west, they team up with their sister kitchen, Bees On Earth, which serves the main Dinner Circle while Instant Soup serves 24/7 at their kitchen.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson