Jah Love

Jah Love was a kitchen of mostly young people that appeared at annuals in the late 90s. As their name suggested, they were into reggae and Rastafarianism, and they liked to spice up their food Caribbean style. They also liked nudity, and one of their events was the Naked Lunch, where they wouldn’t serve you unless you were naked. Another was the Naked People’s Parade which started and ended there.

At the 1997 Oregon annual a brother who worked there went from camp to camp announcing that they were going to serve LSD Kool-Ade there six o’clock. When 6:00 came around, he stood guard over a stainless steel pot as a line with more than two thousand people formed behind it. As more and more people arrived and it became obvious to everyone that there wouldn’t be anywhere near enough in the pot to go around, so a few of the kitchen workers asked if anyone had any acid to add to some more pots. Many people finally left as it looked like they weren’t going to be successful.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson