Jamba Kitchen

This kitchen first appeared at the 1987 North Carolina annual gathering under the name of Barbarian Camp. They were openly in rebellion against the Rainbow establishment’s vegetarianism and loudly proclaimed that they ate meat. One afternoon they roasted a whole side of beef, and served it to a line hundreds of people long, some of which chanted “mo-o-o-o-o” like it was an Om. A rumor went around the gathering that they had made a show of carrying it thru the middle of the main circle area.

They had barbarian call that they cried out from time to time, “Jamba”.

They toned down their act and changed their name when they returned to the Texas annual the following year, and were serving ice cream and pizza near Lovin’ Ovens when they got to Nevada in 1989. They finally combined with Lovin’ Ovens the next year in Minnesota.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson