Katuah is the Rainbow name for the region that includes Georgia and both Carolinas. It is one of the names the Cherokee Indians, who lived in that area before they were exiled by the white men, used for themselves. In Oklahoma today there is the United Keetoowah Band, but it distinguishes itself from the Cherokee Nation, which prefers the name Tsa-la-gi when speaking in their own language.

The Katuah gathering is a local family-focused gathering with an emphasis on single mothers and young children. It is known for its strong sister-focused drumming and chanting. They are one of the oldest families in Rainbow, having started before they were aware of the Rainbow Family, and they put out a newsletter for many years called “HO!” They have a long standing consensus not to post online about gatherings, and they still use the old telephone trees, lightlines, and HO! to announce gatherings.

Katuah has had only one gathering for many years: the Summer Solstice. They used to have a May Day gathering, Blueberry gathering, and fall gatherings (often called Piedmont). At the 1993 Thanksgiving council they consensed not to have the blueberry gathering anymore since the site was getting heavily impacted and becoming more public – so they haven’t held that one since. The May Day gatherings stopped after Raven lost the land they used on Round Mountain, and the fall gatherings ended mostly for lack of energy.

At the 2012 Tennessee annual, Katuah was regarded as one of the high holiest of the hippie kitchens by some of the hard core anarchist dirty kids, and they were singled out for pranks, such as breaking the early morning silence by hollering “nigger”. When some kitchen workers objected, the kids argued that it was to help “desensitize” them and get them to the point that it didn’t bother them anymore. The older folks acted like they weren’t very successful.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson