Lovin’ Ovens

This kitchen dates back to the 1980s. At every gathering they go to they build several ovens in the Rainbow way: make a rectangular firepit with walls made from stacked rocks, place on top of the walls a 55 gallon steel oil barrel laid on its side, and then daub mud all over the structure. The barrel has a hinged door cut into one end. Their specialty is baking, and they serve mealtime food only to their workers. At Dinner Circle they walk around with several used flour bags filled with fist-sized bread rolls that they pass out. At dark thirty they do treat baking, like pizza, cinnamon rolls, and other zu-zus (pastries and sweets). On any given night they might specialize one of these things. One pretty much has to be a night owl to be able to sample their wares fully, but sometimes they send special batches to places like Info and CALM.

They usually locate in a place on the fringes far from Main Circle, they usually ask Info not to put them on the map, and there is seldom any big sign saying “Lovin’ Ovens” – but they can be identified by their row of mud covered ovens and the large rectangular rack they build out of sticks where they place dough on flat trays to rise. They can also sometimes be located when someone calls out, “We need kneaders!”

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson