Mudd ‘n’ Butts

Mudd ‘n’ Butts is a coffee and cigarette kitchen. This kitchen debuted at the 2013 Annual Montana Gathering and was ogred by Not a Dave. The kitchen’s original crew consisted of the passengers in Not a Dave’s RV, The Flying Dutch Oven, which has to date survived two trips off of cliffs with no injuries. The kitchen was set up in the “dirty kids corner” of the woods and became a thriving community space among the street kids and travelers.

Since the word had gone out in 2013 that Useless had passed on the Montana Mud name and there would likely be no Montana Mud kitchen, the Mudd ‘n’ Butts crew founded their kitchen to fill the potential coffee vacuum they foresaw. Mudd ‘n’ Butts served coffee and tobacco 24/7, all gathering long. It was one of the first kitchens on site at Seed Camp, and once food supplies starting coming in, the kitchen added zuzus and a constant stream of pancakes to its repertoire. Mudd ‘n’ Butts served pancakes to Main Circle for most of Seed Camp, and fed Breakfast Circle during the gathering as well.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson