Mudder Earth Café

Mudder Earth was born online between Thanksgiving Council 2012 and Montana 2013. After Useless handed Montana Mud’s name back to Jimbo at Thanksgiving Council, a lot of the younger crew that had been involved (the “Mudders”), having been told that Jimbo didn’t intend to do Montana Mudd as a kitchen, planned to put together a kitchen where they could continue to work together as Mudders. Doc Zsu Zsu was instrumental in focalizing this effort, and the feeling was very strongly that, like Montana Mud of the past several years, Mudder Earth would be a sober detox kitchen. Mudder Earth Cafe debuted at the annual gathering in Montana in 2013. After attempting to run a Welcome Home camp, Useless eventually joined forces with Doc and worked at Mudder Earth for the gathering.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson