N.E.R.F. stands for “NorthEast Rainbow Family”. It started out for a few years as New England Rainbow Family, but they changed it so it could include New York as well. They set up a camp and kitchen at every annual gathering.

NERF had its first regional gathering in 1988, just prior to the Texas annual, and they continue to have them. They try to have them every year except when the annual is held close by on the east coast. In the 1990s NERF gatherings sometimes attracted two or three thousand attendees, but over the last few years the gatherings have not been very large. One to two hundred folks attended the ones in 2012 and -13. But there is a lot of new energy coming into NERF and it has been decided that from now on the gathering will be held over the full moon in August.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson