Paonia Peace Kitchen (PPK)

Paonia Peace Kitchen is a crew of people who carry on the traditions of Rainbow Crystal Kitchen, where they all work whenever the annual gathering is in a western state. One of its principal sources of energy has been Gary Stubbs’ good friend Marty Heartsong, who lives in Paonia, Colorado. Gary has long expressed his disapproval of sites in the east at Vision Councils, and he chooses not to attend gatherings there. This kitchen appeared at the annual gatherings in Arkansas and West Virginia, as well as Colorado, where Gary was forbidden by the Forest Service to enter any National Forest, and Wyoming, when Gary was heavily involved in the Welcome Home kitchen.

Unlike Rainbow Crystal, PPK has usually installed bliss rails. They also like to have fun with alternate meanings for their initials, such as Planetary Peace Kafé or Perpetual Pancake Kafé

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson