Rough and Ready Kitchen

A kitchen based near the town of Rough and Ready, California, they aim to be a disaster relief preparedness kitchen and several of the kitchen folk have participated in the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Montana 2013 was the first gathering they officially called it “Rough and Ready”. The kitchen has gone by various other names at previous gatherings such as What Have You, Funkapoo, Whatever It Is I’m Against It Bakery, and more mostly forgotten names. They like to think Rough and Ready, however, will be the name that they’ll stick with for awhile. Most of them have done time at previous rainbow kitchens including Zipolite, Deva Diner, Kickapoo, and Everybody’s.

Tenali plugs into this kitchen, so it is also home to recording equipment that allows him to make his annual recording of sounds and songs from the gathering. These can be heard at music from the rainbow.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson