Rumorz and Ms. Information Café

Rumorz and Ms. Information Café got its name because it was originally intended to be a coffee camp to support the Info crew. Rumorz’ original consensus was to help Information (and Rumor Control) stay up all night, with lots of caffeine, and a little extra work. It then grew over time to a full-sized kitchen. Rumorz did a Northwest Tribes campout in 2003, a regional in 2005, and its first annual in 2006.

Rumorz is the origin of the phrase popularly hollered on the trail to induce confusion: “You’re going the wrong way!” The phrase originated with a brother plugged in with Rumorz at the annual gathering in 2006, as in the song: “then there’s Planet, dammit, and if he sees you going by he’ll tell you you’re going the wrong way.” … “and he’s right you know, no matter which way you’re going to, the right way is the Rumorz cafe”. “You’re going the wrong way!” grew in popularity and spawned sibling memes frequently shouted in the woods: “You can’t get there from here!” “This is a no flashlight trail!” “No zoning in the zone zone!”

In 2013 they had a “rumor of the day” posted each day that they spread with zest, for example “Rumorz Cafe will have zuzus all night with topless servers”. During the 2013 annual gathering their rumor of the day came true without fail. Their fundamental idea was positive manifestation in the rumor of the day, being something that they wanted to see happen. so the rumors were intended not be flippant, but intentional.

They have a consensus never to serve lines, so they always bring their food out to their bliss pit and serve around the circle. Next year they have a vision of talking with other kitchens that don’t like lines and setting up a community circular sort of area with several kitchens around a meadow, and have a big common bliss pit that gets served by all the kitchens

At the 2013 Montana gathering, Rumorz hosted Shanti Sena workshops each day at 4:20, usually facilitated by Piper who is professionally trained in conflict de-escalation, with a good amount of help from Carla Newbre. They served Occupy Portland for the whole of its existence, and worked with many individuals in that community there to support the Cascadian regional in 2012 as main kitchen.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson