Shining Light

A revival of an older kitchen with the same name, in 2013 Shining Light was filled with younger kids trying to “do it right”. They fed from Spring Council through cleanup, assisted with the watermelon purchasing movie on the fourth (which was a little bit of a last minute fiasco), and fed Dinner Circle dependably. They were located at back gate in Montana and spent a lot of time carving tipi poles, which they obtained a $20 permit to remove from the gathering at the end. In Utah in 2014 they had a large camp with a kitchen structure and six tipis on a mesa overlooking the main circle valley.

They are a nomadic kitchen riding on a couple of busses, with the current aim of holding full moon tipi circles each month wherever they are. Focalizers include Freya and Lucid. A lot of the crew seem to be Occupy and anarchist theory nerds, and very enthusiastic about the process itself.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson