Soaring Turkey

Soaring Turkey is the Rainbow name chosen by a Krishna devotee whose spiritual name is Garuda dasa. He has been coming to gatherings since at least the ‘90s. He does not work or camp at any of the larger Krishna kitchens, but brings his own tipi and sets it up somewhere at the side of a principal trail with one side of it left wide open so that his activities might attract passersby. In the evenings he gives classes in how to quit smoking tobacco that he frequently announces at Dinner Circle, and to reach those who he feels need this help the most, he frequently sets up his tipi near or sometimes in the middle of Trading Circle. In the mornings he conducts sankirtana chanting alternating with Rainbow songs and gives lectures on an eclectic mix of religious subjects. He often has a pot of tea or chai going.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson