SPOT stands for Seattle Portable Outdoor Theatre, an all ways free style theatre tent that is open to all arts day and night. Many times a stage manager is employed for prime time evening shows; at other times anyone is welcome to perform beneath it.

The tent is a “hyperbolic paraboloid” stretched over half hoops of varying sizes, a shape like half a cylinder lying sideways on the ground, like a Quonset hut, but with the middle narrowed and the two outside ends widened considerably. The inverse tapers at both ends are along mathematical curves that act as natural sound amplifiers. It was designed by a backstage design group called Mobius in of Seattle, WA, and its first appearance was at the 1989 Nevada annual gathering in an experimental form (made from willow gathered on site). The most recent appearance was at the 2011 Washington annual.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson