The Green & Purple Kitchen of the Living Love & Light

Started by Sky in the early nineties, also focalized by Toke, Green & Purple has a vast crew that spans the country. Their themes are (you guessed it) Green and Purple. Their specialty meals (though they cook everything) include dank zuzus, and Green & Purple stir-fry (with green and purple veggies) with peanut sauce.

Tho they remain one kitchen at annual gatherings, there are two sets of equipment and two crews and multiple focalizers that travel the east and west coast. As a result, there have been 58 gatherings attended by a kitchen flying the Green & Purple banner. Recent gatherings attended by Green & Purple include Washington regional 2010, Washington annual 2011, Shasta Fall gathering 2012, Tennessee annual 2012, Washington regional 2012, Prineville Oregon 2012, Clam Beach council 2012, Spring All-California Gathering 2013, Cumberland 2013, and Montana annual 2013. Gathering #59 is being focused by Amy and will be in Shawnee this fall. The next west coast gathering (60) slated for G&P is the Oregon regional planned for spring 2014.

Recently, Green & Purple was getting a reputation as a wild party kitchen, but that was not the original intent, and G&P olders are trying to re-steer the focus of the kitchen. They still do not allow alcohol in their kitchen and bliss fire area. Over the last year, the kitchen has been beset by setbacks and tragedies. In September of 2012, Green & Purple lost a sister named Coco Ouden in a bus crash. The driver of the bus is also facing legal charges over the accident. Soon after that, Sky’s mother passed away. Soon after that, a long-time Green & Purple participant, Chu Bbakka, was arrested in Texas for making a wide turn in his bus, and was charged for his pot and paraphernalia. Then a travelling sister who had ridden the bus that crashed, Sparrow, died in Texas to alcohol poisoning. An October California Memorial Gathering in 2012 brought back six of the members of the bus together, including Coco’s ashes. The ashes were spread on the hills at the gathering in a quiet ceremony.

Though Green & Purple’s kitchen equipment was borrowed for this gathering, they didn’t actually attend as a kitchen. Green & Purple’s next gathering was a Spring California Gathering in May of 2013, a gathering that some felt was a cathartic healing gathering for the past seasons of hardship. At that gathering Sky was presented with a bundle of feathers tied with a piece of dental floss that Coco had used to sew on a patch, with feathers that had each been gifted specifically to honor her. There was a picture of Coco at the peace pole in Montana on the 4th of July.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson