The Purple Gang

This kitchen is crewed mostly by people who live in the New York City area, and in addition to this name it has also gone by New York Kitchen and NYC/Purple Gang. They are noted for the elaborate “brunch” they serve on July 5th. (Usually the serving starts at about noon, like more people’s idea of lunch.)

On the counter they set out a variety of hors d’oeuvres, little morsels that don’t take more than one or two bites, but there is a large enough variety that even with sampling only one of each item you can get a most satisfying meal.

Some examples are:

little biscuits and pastries
slices of baked apple with lots of cinnamon
olives of different kinds on toothpicks
little shish kebobs on toothpicks with slices of vegetables and Swiss cheese
cole slaw in Thai style peanut sauce
“sushi”, which is not fish but vegetables wrapped in rice and nori seaweed.
things that look like crepes, but are really scrambled eggs
real crepes

Its reputation has spread around the gathering and it has attracted more than 600 people. Garrick Beck has often played a principal role.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson