Warriors of the Light

Warriors of the Light started at the 1998 Arizona annual gathering and traveled in a pair of busses on the regional circuit for a few years afterward. As the busses aged the kitchen became a hitchin’ kitchen where everyone brought what they could in any way they could. At the 2003 Utah annual, They collaborated with DunDun Village , and Warriors got quite a bit bigger for a few years until the 2008 Wyoming gathering, where they erected a sign that was as tall as a freeway sign. This kitchen prided itself on cranking out large quantities of good organic food, often serving Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Lunch Snack, First Dinner, Second Dinner, and Zuzus every day, along with serving the main Dinner Circle. For that task they had a bicycle specially fitted with a large serving pot mounted on each side of the rear wheel, like saddlebags. They always had a large bliss fire area, and encouraged Rainbow songs, heartsongs, and devotional music, Their decorations had a reggae feel.

This kitchen hasn’t served Dinner Circle since the Wyoming annual, but various members of the crew have plugged into Medicine Warriors and a few other kitchens.

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson