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    ...Send us an article to publish. Suggest an edit to the website... Suggest a feature, tell us your thoughts. Tell us you love us. Tell us you hate us...Either way you can use this form and chances are a web focalizer will talk to you, use your picture, or publish your article...You can even use this form to tell us when you move. You can ask us to locate a family member...You can ask us to do whatever you like...We want to hear from you and be responsive to the needs of the family...We will do our best to answer all questions that come through the site to the best of our ability. However, please note that we do not represent the rainbow family in any way shape or form. Nor do we know anyone who claims to, nor can we answer any questions on behalf of the rainbow family. We can only provide general information most of which you can already find somewhere on our website. Our website knows more about the rainbow family than we do. So really, we want you to tell us your stories about your rainbow experiences...We just think they are valuable experiences that more people should experience and want you to provide us with whatever content you can to peak the iterests to more people.
    Please provide us with good material for the website. We would like to see articles coming in that are well written and ready to be published. The more content that you send us the more that we can publish. We would like people who can provide us with articles that can engage the family and teach valuable skills through our website. We want photos, articles, web group focalizers, and the whole nine yards not looking for any videos yet but will in the future. We want to build a platform to help family connect with other family members in new ways. We want to help you find other people to help and lift your spirits, which lifts the spirits of the people around you, which lifts the spirits of the people around them which can create a virtual gathering

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    Note: When Submitting data you can attach pictures, and articles. Please make sure that the articles are spell checked and written in good charater. If you do not see your article published on the website within a few weeks of submitting it. Than we may not of been able to publish it so you can try to rewrite the article and submit it again. However, if we cannot publish it we may reach out to you and ask you to modify the article. To conform to the basis of our consensus. As the goal of this website is to focalize on the positive side of rainbow, and try to avoid negativity whenever possible. At the same time allowing users the ability to start their own conversations in order for us to determine what is important to the community and what we can do to help spread a message of peace, love, tolerance, spiritual, counter cultural, friendly, giving, kind type of vibe and radiate light.
    So please family supply us with content to help reflect the shear beauty and knowledge of this powerful spirit.

    September 17th, 2016 by John Anderson