Intertribal Medicine Societies

These prophesies cannot be traced to any specific tribe for they came from
intertribal Medicine Societies.

The Medicine Societies involved in channeling the prophesies are the women’s
societies of the Crystal Skull and the Black Widow.


The year of the creation of the teachings of the Eight Great Powers and the
introduction, and the giving back to humanity of the Twenty Count. The
Starmaiden Circle and Flowering Tree Teachings which began the evolution of
the distribution of the wheels and keys (the esoteric teachings of the North
American Indians) of Turtle Island. It was in that year that the major
beginning wheels and keys were given away.


The year of the planting of the light seeds of the Hokseda (the higher self).
Many teachers of the Eight Great Powers began to plant their seeds of light
about the development of the higher self and began to open the teachings to
the Rainbow People also known as Meti (mixed blood – the Rainbow People).


The year of fertilization, the year of planting, the year of going within
these seeds of light in order to see the potentiality, the road map that a
person can use. In the Turtle Island lore we say it is the year of finding
one’s path with heart and many many have done this.


The year of fruition, the year of seeking perfection, growth and development.
Most importantly this is the year of trust and innocence as being totally
open, when people are listening and teachers are talking to teachers. When
mythologies of the world and all Eight Great Powers are finally revealing
secrets and the teachings within the mythologies are brought out into the
open. Because of this there was a great deal of joy amongst teachers.


This year is critical. The year of the animal. The year of Tuwalananie, the
dark force. The reason for this is that for three years seeds of light have
been planted and we are starting to grow and the teachings are starting to
come out and all those ones inside each of the Eight Great Powers who have
taught deliberate lies in myth, who have used the power of wheels to gain
control of people to gain followers, to gain disciples, to gain devotees, are
going to be very threatened by the awakening of the consciousness of the
RAINBOW PEOPLE because the Rainbow People exist in every country, in every
nation, in every land. In other words the Sun Dancers are going to be strong
enough. The dark forces will be extremely threatened and they will use their
power and their power exists in technology. We are going to see some of the
most strong technological advances known to humanity occurring this year and
these very technological advances are going to be a tremendous threat as well
as a blessing to the survival of humanity. Now, what is also a Heyoka
(trickster) is that 1984 is also the year that we must establish balance and
harmony between the light and the dark forces. It’s going to be interesting
and that’s why we have this sense of urgency because it is getting short.

Grace Walking Stick is the head seer and visionary of the Black Widow Society.

She said that there will be a major crisis to put us on the brink of nuclear
war and the only thing that will stop it – is that the dark force is trying to
create an artificial sun – nuclear war – that we must exert the influence, the
SUN DANCERS, the RAINBOW PEOPLE, by smoking our pipes, of gathering together
and of sharing our medicine for solar power, for world peace, and whatever
else happens we MUST not give energy in protesting or being against something
because if you take the amount of energy you spend marching, talking, writing
letters against things and instead put an equal amount or double amount of
energy with what you are for, we can change it. Example: INSTEAD OF


The year of human to human communication. The year when the human family
finally becomes a human if we get through 1984. [This booklet is being
produced in May 1985 – HOORAY!!! We made it!!!] Then there will be more
teachers and more teachings brought out to open format than has ever been seen
on this planet in the first fifty thousand years. Because then we will re-
establish contact in a very knowledgeable way with our ancestors from the
stars. So mark that down because it will happen. The first wave will come
from Pleiades and will be totally acknowledged and will be known to all the
world powers. The second wave will come from Sirius.

Ruby Morning Star was the head seer of the Crystal Skull Society. She said
that in 1985 you will see a total change in the concept of what we call the
United Nations. Instead of political opposition and struggle it will change
names and become the new circle of law – the Eight Great Powers.


When Tagashala and the enlightened teachers begin to open the veil of the
crack between the worlds. We will see our memory circles. All kivas and
sacred power spots will come alive in 1986 and be totally awakened. The inner
room of the Great Pyramid will be opened. The order of the Golden Dawn will
have ceremonies there again for the first time in 20,000 years. The Temple of
the Sun in Palenque will be refurbished, reawakened and ceremonies will begin
again. The old traditional ceremonies that are still applicable for today’s
world will be renewed. Many of the ceremonies that are so-called
traditionalists, but are trying to keep us locked in the past and will not
function today will fall. It will be hard for some of the people of the
medicine societies because they don’t know any other way.

They’re going to have to change or die. Many teachers who have been seen as
great teachers, who have literally kept us in the dark as worshippers of the
sacrament orders will physically die and go over because it’s the only way
they can find the light in 1986 and many teachers will be seen for what they
were and they will be the farmers, the laborers, and the gas station
attendants and they will be seen as the real teachers because the Tagashala
will be fully awakened.


144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their dream
mindbodies. They will begin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged
serpent wheels and become a major force of the light to help the rest of
humanity to dance their dream awake. A Sun Dance teacher is any human being
who has awakened, who has balanced their shields, who has gained the dream
mindbody and who honors all paths, all teachers, and all ways, I look for the
day when I can sit down with my pipe and the Buddhists with theirs. You will
see me sit down with my dagger and my Sufi drum, with my sword, my Shinto way,
and my pipe, my Indian way. We’re going to put our Soul out on the table and
say “I love you all.” This is a sacred dance. That’s what 1987 is about.
That’s a Sun Dancer.

You cannot say that you have the only true way, for all ways are true. In
1987, 144,000 enlightened souls will sit down in gathering together circles
saying “here it is Brothers and Sisters. Openly, totally – Come and receive
it.” A lot of these are going to be so-called common people and not the
teachers you see up there now. On August 17, 1987 the various winged serpent
wheels will begin to turn, to dance once again and when they do the RAINBOW
LIGHTS will be seen in dreams all over the world and Those Rainbow Light
dreams will help awaken the rest of humanity.


We will sit in a new circle of law. Civil and social law will tumble. All
civil and social laws by whatever governments will have to be in conformity
with natural laws or the people will not accept them and they will have the
enlightenment necessary to reject the laws. Science will once again become
metaphysics, will once again become magic. They will discover four laws that
will help them jump from natural to magical law and transcend the time/space
continuum which is the limitation of the age and once again we will begin to
take our power and to work with rules and laws that are magical laws and
cosmic laws.


We will once again see the way to continue a new dream. We will be given the
road map back to the stars and we will see the star people come out of the
illusion of their two-legged form and into their actual Great Sleeper-Dreamer
form. And so you will see some very, very powerful, totally enlightened
Masters in 1989 and that’s the year of the second coming of the Christ spoken
of in the Book of Revelations and it will be the awakening of a new circle, a
new design of energy movement for humanity. Christ means a circle. So the
second coming of the sacred circle is all enlightened humans dancing as one


A powerful year and it’s really hard for me to talk about it. I am a great
dreamer but I don’t know if I dream that large. We will see a real shift in
planetary consciousness. Many of the enemies of the humans shall begin to
drop away. In 1990 you will see the Twelve Sacred Driver Wheels of each of
the Eight Sacred Powers stored and put together to create the figure 8 of
infinity sign. And 1990 will begin through the Feathered Serpent Medicine
Wheels those groups of seventeen Great Sleeper Dreamers. The first migration
to the next world will begin, leaving behind on this planet another world of
enlightened humanity to join the many already on other planets throughout our
universe. When you speak of this migration to other planets, are you speaking
of the creation of a new race? Another dream, another dance, another series
of dances in another dream in another world.

What’s the difference between this world and the new creation? It is those
that go on ahead that are the pathfinders. There are always the pioneers,
there are always the people that choose to do it the hard way in a sense. In
other words, they’re totally willing to sacrifice and to step out on the path
of total unknown simply because it’s a pleasure to make it known.


For those who stay here on Grandmother Earth, they will totally gain the light
of the Great Light Wheel. That there will be one humanity, one planet
composed of all the different ways of dancing in complete harmony in the great
gathering together circle. In 1991 all the seeds will be planted.


The earth will have its true reality formed. It will join the sisterhood of
planets, the Daughters of Copper-woman and it will create within itself all
forms of all things in harmony with the everything.


We will see a whole new way of perfection. There will be plants on this
Grandmother Earth that will give life and sustenance as never before seen.
Starvation on the earth – all those things will be gone.


There will be a total balance and harmony. All beings will be balanced fives
or enlightened fives – a six. And they will still be in their physical


The new race of humans will begin to design their new reality of life on this
planet as they intended it to be when they came from the stars.


The second migration to the new world will occur leaving behind on Grandmother
Earth those who are choosing to continue to hold the power on this planet
within the space of all the Sacred Twelve. All of these people who choose to
remain after the second migration will begin to establish this planet & use
the collective unconscious to hold the power of this space in harmony with the
Great Circle of Twelve, all the planets, and there is a whole lot I don’t even
know. There is more that I am not supposed to talk about yet.


The dream will be actualized and this planet will hold its space in the great
Council of planets and become part of the Universal enlightened Brotherhood
and Sisterhood of humanity because there is an organization that is inter-
galactic that is known as the Great International Brotherhood and Sisterhood
of Humanity and Keepers of the Light Circles. It’s happened on many planets
and it’s expected to happen on a lot of other planets.


There will be a movement in 1998 when population will be the population. The
Circle of Law will hold the image of fast thought necessary to allow this
planet to become a starship.
(Is this fun? Not bad for a bunch of ignorant savages.)


The third migration will leave this planet for the other new world and this
planet will now be a starship, a spaceship, have its design of energy movement
guided by all of humanity that’s living here because, see, it’s been a
starship all along floating around a central sun but not in harmony with
sister planets.


In the year 2000 the Great Spirit will have left its seed and the egg of
everything here on this planet and it will create itself 20 times over at the
speed of light and thus the prophecy ends as I have been given it by the
Grandmothers that I share with you now.

September 25th, 2016 by John Anderson