White Buffalo

This is from Rainbow Anthology 1991 Page 16.
There is also an Arapaho legend that says if at their ceremonial meeting a white buffalo appears it will mean 1,000 years of peace. If a red buffalo appears it Will mean the end of the world We were sitting around the fire on our second night in camp, when this dude comes stumbling in babbling about a white buffalo on the mountain. We laughed it and figured that he had been nibbling at the local cactus again. Through the night and the next morning such claims were coming in. Out of curiousity I walked to the meadow, and there it was . The snow had partly melted away on the mountain slope facing the meadow, leaving a figure with a head, humped back, a body and two legs jutting down. An almost perfect sillouette ili snow of a buffalo.

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(From a manuscript draft for a manual not finally published, assembled after the 7/1-4/1972 Colo. Gathering: Courtesy Family Archives at Rainbow Farm Drain,OR)

October 1st, 2016 by John Anderson