Region 15 (International)

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Sophia Barta di Albufera
Flat 112, 405 Kings Road. Chelsea
London, UK SW100BB

Facebook: Sophie Barta von Albufera

Andrea Joy & Forest Jimmy
Acker Clan, Katuah Tribe
Roaring River Rd.
TeakettleVillage, Belize
Try more than once it  takes time sometimes.
Andrea Joy Miller-Acker We are establishing Rainbow in Belize.

Melodie M (Jac)
Australia Focalizer
Darwin, Australia

Rainbow Hawk
Global Rainbow Focalizer
Callejon de La Paz #51F – Zona
Centro La Paz, B.C.
Sur, Mexico 23000
Rainbow Hawk
Global Rainbow Focalizer. Some of the groups and community pages I admin:
RAINBOW FAMILY OF FACEBOOK One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace Rainbow PeaceFleet~WaterTribes Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes World rainbow caravan to canada The Friendship Club World Rainbow Family of Living Light

Sterling Dore
We Don’t Kneaux
Down Island Focalizer
New Iberia, LA/St Croix UI
Cell# +1 340-514-7799

Bob Sells
Virgin Island Focalizer
St John, UI

Travis Soule
Domincan Republic Focalizer
Luperon, DR

Wind Dancer
UK Focalizer
Sheepwash, Devon, UK

Antigua, Guatemala

Facebook: Bone man
-Just kicking it down here in Central America waiting for the hurricane season to end. Then, I’m off to panama to hitch a ride to Australia. Making great friends along the way and looking for family. If anyone wants to link up, the sky is the limit. I have contact in Australia, and Israel, plus lots more. Let me know if you’re around and I’ll help anyway I can, lovin you.

Mati Maktub
Mediterranean Focalizer
Can Singala 47
Port de Pollensa-Mallorca, Spain

Jai and Harmony, Deva
Los Campos #6
Xico, Mexico

Facebook: Harmony living foods
-Hi Family, we have a beautiful farm with horses and sheep and a little live food restaurant and many gardens. We offer a place to stay and really good eats in exchange for about 4-6 hrs work per day. Come and help us get this little community going. Hugs to you all!

Silvana Schnedl

Christian Winkler
World Peace Fleet Croatia

September 26th, 2016 by John Anderson