Region 3 (DE,MD,VA,WV,DC)

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Soren Powell
PO Box 194
Accokeek, Maryland.
240-603-1577,  Orange Sunset Kitchen / #Powellisthenewpink / Sailing outings on Fool Moons and other occations. (Rainbow Fleet Potomac). Often found at our Four Quarters Farm Interfaith Sanctuary, Pennslyvania, as well.

Chrissy and Snooze
51 C Ridge Rd
Greenbelt, MD 20770
We are in Old GreenBelt. We can offer short term space and help you connect with Rainbow Family in the area.

MD Wolf Green Acres Farm
MD 20733 410-474-3820
com / I raise goats, a cow and chickens. Call ahead for street address.

Lucie Berman
PO Box 353
Washington Grove,
MD 20880

Really want to improve hoop with fire and poi skills

Knotty Dread
Iron Lion, Sox
445 River View St.
Rocky Mount, VA 24151
540 238 1028

Rainbeau Weaver (aka
deborah dorland)
59 East Cranberry Street
Richwood WV, 26261.
Longtime Katuah Sister. I have focalized “downtown”  CALM @ “24/7 Tipi Teapot & Lemonade Stand” for many years. I love to draw, sing & drum & work with kids. I’ve written many Rainbow Circle songs & love drum circles. I ran a rainbow free kitchen in Richwood for a couple of years & fed many thousands of meals until I was hurt in a hit & run. I have supported myself as a freelance artist & volunteered all the rest of my time. I created an adult coloring book & did the medicine wheel drawing in the always free. I had a stroke two years ago & now walk with a walker. I have a large yard with three extra lots & would love to have respectful, camping in my tree-filled backyard, visitors. Perhaps you could help me with my gardens? I love to cook & to share. I  live in the picturesque village of Richwood 23 miles from the site of the 2005 annual
Gathering. Our town experienced terrible flooding June 23, 2016 & we need all the help we can get rebuilding. The people here have a Lot  of Hometown Spirit! This town is very Rainbow-friendly, with many extremely inexpensive houses that need fixing up in exchange for a nice 2-story in a quiet town. We have three rivers in our town which need river guides or anyone who has good ideas to help with tourism. If you are willing to work hard & are entrepreneurial, you can find lots of good opportunities here. I’m on Facebook under deborah
dorland, my email is

Floyd z & Margie y Williams
PO Box 176
Camden on
Gauley, WV 26208

Myspace: Magpie420
Facebook: Margie Williams
Skills: Nurse and my husband was a coal miner. Can offer a hardworking hand and will also volunteer where needed (medical tent). Needs: Prayers for all!

September 16th, 2016 by John Anderson