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Welcome Home Online. My name is John Anderson I am a computer programmer by trade. No I am not your typical computer programmer. I learned how to program by reading books. I didn’t learn at no high dollar university. Anyways, I was approached by some rainbow family members to help develop a new rainbow website to better engage the community. Anyways, I shall bring this website alive from up here in Vermont.

I am doing this website on a completely volunteer basis for the benefit of the rainbow family. I am paying to host this website myself. However, as more and more people use this website the more money that hosting is going to cost. So there will eventually be some expenses that are involved with building this website. However, I will do my best to keep this website live and to make it available for rainbow family members who need resources.

I do have a link for people to click on who would like to help to support the project. Here is a link to send me paypal funds than type in the amount you would like to donate and send it through. All money donated through the link will be used to develop the website. Being that pretty much all of the programming I can handle myself, however, hosting and spikes in traffic do cost money that someone has to pay for.
The goal of the website is to be an online version of the rainbow guide as well as an online community that people can use on a server that is not hosted by a big corporation. I know that some rainbow family members are sour about the family using the online infrastructure of a large company of facebook. So I am hoping to create a completely grassroots website to server as a go to place for information from the rainbow family. Though this is an unofficial rainbow family website, we will do our best to only publish useful information. However, because I am an unofficial source I cannot make any promises about the content on the website.
I am also looking for ideas from rainbow family members to help me to come up with ideas that you think would be useful to the rainbow family. Please keep in mind that this is completely a grass roots effort and everything is unofficial. When you do come to me with a feature request those recommend by more than one person will take priority. Those requests that are easy to implement will also take priority.

However, please contact me at any time with any question in regards to this website. I can be reached at



John Anderson

September 14th, 2016 by John Anderson